Shenzhen City Chi Gu Technology Co., Ltd. is an intelligent terminal high-tech enterprise, and strive to walk in the forefront of technology. We are committed to the research, production and sales of intelligent electronic wearable devices. The products mainly include smart bracelet, smart watch and smart glasses. The company adheres to the concept of "cooperation, solidarity, innovation and service". Adhere to technology change life, Chi Gu technology will let you appreciate the latest technology to bring the latest experience to life. We will continue to strive to focus on human nature, pay attention to customer experience, explore potential customer needs, and launch the best human-machine integrated smart wearable product.

The ancient style of the pond:

Innovation, concentration, solidarity and earnest

The idea of ancient pooling:

Cooperation and win-win, unity and innovation, high quality service

The ancient mission of the pool:

Constantly innovate high-quality products, provide better services for customers, and build a broad stage for employees.

Ancient pool vision:

Committed to the best human-machine integration of smart wearable products, become a first-class smart wearable technology company.