Ali force smart bracelet, wearable devices, sustainable attention.

date:2018-04-18 browse:951

In September 8th, Alibaba group will hold the 18th anniversary annual conference. It is understood that the annual meeting site will distribute a IOT (Internet of things) bracelet. The 40000 hand rings are controlled in real time by the Internet of things developed by Ali. Each hand ring receives and executes commands independently and reaches the response magnitude of millisecond precision.

  Intelligent wearable devices have been a new life style driven by apple, Google and other technology giants.

  Authoritative institutions predict that wearable equipment will be accelerated with the promotion of mobile Internet and large data technology. In 2018, the global wearable equipment shipments will reach 485 million, and the annual growth rate will reach 59%.

  The Internet of things is an important part of the information age. It is called the third wave of information industry after the computer and Internet. Internet of things is the Internet rather than the Internet of things is business and application.

  Therefore, application innovation is the core of the development of the Internet of things, and user experience is the soul of the development of the Internet of things. All elements (devices, resources and communications) in the Internet of things are personalized and privatized. Wearable devices will become the identity of users. ID is expected to become an important entry of Internet of things in the future.